Are You Ready to Move? Lunar Moving’s Essential 10-Step Checklist

Are You Ready to Move? Lunar Moving’s Essential 10-Step Checklist

Moving is a tricky task. From the time you find out you’re hitting the road, to the time the final box is unpacked, there is a lot of work to do and a lot of sweat to sweat. If you are ready to move but don’t know where to start, we can help. We’ve compiled a list of 10 steps to take before moving to ensure everything is in place and ready to go. We will get you into your new home in no time!

1. Set a Move-In Date

Whether you are closing on a house, renting a home or moving into an apartment, get your big move-in day set to get the ball rolling. If possible, set the move-in date for a Saturday or Sunday, and try to schedule out a few weeks in advance. This will give you time to start packing and devise a plan.

Once you have a move-in date set, inform the relevant people. If you are currently renting, give your landlord an appropriate notice. Oftentimes, many apartments and rental properties ask for a 30- or 60-day notice before you move out. Of course, you can likely move your stuff out of there before that notice, but you will be required to maintain the property until your designated lease ends. 

2. Clean Your Old Place

Clean your old place before officially handing the keys over. It is a good idea to get a quality all-purpose cleaner and scrub brush to wipe down the floors, walls and counters. Fix any holes in the walls from nails and repair other minor damages that may have occurred during your occupancy. Normal wear and tear is common, but major damages or messes left over may be taken from your security deposit if you’re renting. If you owned the property, excess messes and damage could result in litigation depending on the contracts you had signed. Take time to touch up any damages and clean up for the next resident. 

3. Clean Your New Place

Once your old place is cleaned, move on to your new place! While the previous owner hopefully did their due diligence and cleaned up, it’s always a good idea to take your cleaning supplies over before move-in day and make sure. Before all your furniture and belongings are moved in – especially the heavy stuff you’ll never move again – take time to wipe down, sweep and scrub all the surfaces around your new place.

A young couple packs vases from cardboard boxes as one of the essential steps to take before moving according to Lunar Moving Services.

4. Update the Aesthetics

If you are able to get into your new home or apartment before moving in, brainstorm any adjustments you might want to make. This may include painting the walls or replacing carpet, for example. While you can certainly do all of these things after you move in, it is much easier to do so without extra stuff in the way. Just as cleaning is made easier without furniture, changing the carpet and painting are much easier and go more quickly without having to move heavy stuff around. 

5. Change Your Address

Changing your address with the postal service is fast and easy. Make sure to do this at least 10 days before you move. The postal service estimates that your mail forwarding will begin approximately 7 – 10 days after completing the form, and it lasts for one year. You can also register to vote at your new address, killing two birds with one stone.

6. Update Your Subscriptions and Credit Cards

The next step to take before moving is to update your credit cards, subscriptions and other important services you have that require your address. Now that you have updated your address with the post office, you will be able to start receiving mail and packages there. Make sure to go to your banking app and update your information on file. Contact important providers like your doctor’s office to ensure their records are updated, as well. Finally, go through websites such as Amazon to ensure that any packages you order going forward will be delivered to the correct address. 

7. Set Up Utilities

Before moving to your new place, make sure that you get the utilities set up and ready to go. Many utility companies are able to get your service started 2 – 3 days before you move in, but it is a good idea to call your provider a week or so ahead of time to ensure that everything is on when it should be. Electricity, water, gas and internet are all included in a property’s utilities. Depending on your new home, you may have to set up garbage collection, as well. 

Ask your realtor or landlord about who you should contact for your utilities. In addition to setting up new utilities, remember to stop service at your old place. If you have the same utility provider at both properties, it is typically pretty easy to transfer service in one phone call. Make sure to do this step before moving to ensure you’re not paying double utility bills.

8. Update Your Insurance

The next step to take before moving is to update your insurance. If you are renting a property, you will need renter’s insurance. Homeowners need to have a homeowner’s insurance policy for their property. Transferring insurance to a new property is relatively easy, but be sure to shop around and see what the best price for your new place is. You may be surprised at how it can change over time. 

9. Pack Your Stuff

A sure sign you’re ready to move is that all your stuff is packed up and ready to go. Banana Box is a unique service that offers durable, reusable moving boxes delivered to your door. With different sizes for different needs, Banana Boxes are perfect for moving a single person to a family of five. 

If you dread packing – like many people do – we can help. Our packing services help get your stuff neatly and carefully packed and ready to move. Our movers and packers treat your belongings like they’re our own. We make sure to treat your property with the care it deserves. And, once it’s all packed up, we can move it to your new place!

10. Use the Best Movers in the Twin Cities

Once your place is cleaned, your address is changed and your belongings are packed up, you’re ready to move. All you need now is the best moving crew in the Twin Cities. That’s where Lunar Moving Services comes in.

We will get you – and your boxes – from A to B before you know it. Our team of movers in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the greater Twin Cities metro are experienced and professional. With professional moving vans that are fully equipped for any moving job, we can get you where you need to be. 

Contact Lunar Moving Services to get started on your move. Or, request a free moving quote and see how our team can help you. Congratulations on the move. We can’t wait to see you!

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